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If you are complaining about one jet, what are you going to do when I buy 50? - Says Apostle Suleman

When Apostle Johnson Suleman, acquired a private jet, his church members were said to have celebrated their pastor's success. However, some Nigerians had shared their thoughts on the new jet, questioning how the flamboyant pastor was able to buy a private jet.

Apostle Johnson Suleman has fired back and said "private jet is not a big deal", adding that there is more to come.

Apostle Suleman added that, people who are complaining would have more to complain about once he increases the number of private jet the church has. He told them to save their complaints for later.

He boasted about buying fifty more jets to carry his members around the world for free.

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My view: Oh well, you criticised people/pastors with private jets and now that you've jumped on the band wagon, so what does that make you then?, a hypocrite of course. Please help the unemployed in your church before you buy 50 more jets.

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