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Yusuf Buhari Celebrates His Birthday, as angry Nigerians rain curses on him on Facebook

President Buhari's son Yusuf Buhari celebrated his birthday on Tuesday, instead of celebrating with him, Nigerians on social media have decided to lay curses on the young man whose only crime is being the son of Nigeria’s President.

See reaction below

My view: Oh well millions of jobless Nigerians with no Income Support from Buhari's government, have every right to express their opinions about Buhari and his family. Especially his son who graduated from the University of Surrey in UK. Yusuf knows that the UK government gives student loan to University undergraduates to help them with their tuition fee and maintenance allowance and he's also aware that the jobless in the UK are paid unemployment benefit. So why can't Yusuf advise his father about the importance of helping the suffering masses with job seekers allowance, instead of celebrating his birthday. Millions can't afford two meals a day and you're cutting birthday cake, give me a break. Yusuf Buhari and his siblings surprised their father's ADC with a cake on his birthday in 2018, so when exactly are you people going to surprise jobless Nigerians with Income Support.?

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