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Rihanna looks cute in couture and cornrows on the May cover of Vogue Australia

Rihanna is a global phenomenon and a true humanitarian

The singer graced Vogue Australia's May issue in a pale pink slip dress and two statement trench coats.

Vogue's cover story revealed the 'unusual relationship' with Australia's first-ever female Prime Minister, the Hon. Julia Gillard.

Rihanna wore emerald pointy-toe heels and chunky hoop earrings.,

In the issue Australia's former prime minister, the Hon. Julia Gillard, 57, speaks about recruiting the 31-year-old cosmetics mogul as an ambassador for her global education crusade.

She is an honorary chairwoman for the Global Partnership for Education.

Former prime minister Julia Gillard and Rihanna met in New York over a casual dinner, and have since visited schools together in Malawi in East Africa.

My view: Rihanna didn't need bold makeup or a fancy hairstyle she has a natural sort of beauty, she's a true humanitarian. It's only Rihanna who can pull this statement coat off in style.

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