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'Nigeria is richer than Dubai, but corruption won't make it develop'

A man from United Arabs Emirate has said that Nigeria is a very rich country that is even richer than Dubai but the country is the way it is today because of bad and corrupt leaders.

In a video that surfaced on the internet, the Emirati stated that Nigeria had oil before Dubai, which is a province in the Arab Emirate and also that the country is blessed with fertile lands for agricultural produce.

But the country is only considered poor due to bad leadership and that Dubai is better off because they have good leaders,

In his word: “Nigeria Is way Richer Than Dubai, Nigeria had Crude Oil Before Dubai, Nigeria Also Has Agriculture, Gold, Diamond and many Other valuable Mineral Deposits (Minning), But Nigeria Is Currently the way it is Because Of Bad Leaders, the only reason Dubai is better than Nigeria is because of Good Leadership”

Scroll down for video

My view: The Dubai man is absolutely right. Just look at who's in court contesting the recent presidential election, oh it's Atiku Abubakah of-course, his former boss president Obasanjo called him the most corrupt Nigerian. This man allegedly stole more than former president Babangida and Abacha put together. he said the money Atiku allegedly looted will feed "300 million people for 400 years", when he was the vice-president and yet Obasanjo endorsed him, this is how these heartless and evil politicians have ruined Nigeria and now Atiku wants to finish the country. Based on what Obasanjo revealed about his vice president, Atiku should be investigated by EFCC, he shouldn't be given the key to Aso Rock or the Central bank of Nigeria. Nigerian working politicians are still stealing billions while millions of their fellow citizens are suffering, it is sad and it's the same recycled politicians like Atiku who wants to come back and do more damage. Emirati citizens of the UAE are fortunate to have a government (ruled by Sheiks) which is generous and working hard to fulfill its promises to them. They have free health, free housing, to free education, Emiratis seem to be well-taken care of by their government. Not so in Nigeria where the citizens are being oppressed and enslaved with poverty by their government.

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