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Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry and other royals at the Queen's birthday Easter

The Queen attended Easter service at Windsor Castle on the day she celebrated her 93rd birthday.

The Queen was joined by family members including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and the Duke of Sussex for the Easter Sunday service.

The Duke of Edinburgh and pregnant Meghan Markle did not attend.

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan shared a joint birthday greeting to the Queen on Instagram, saying: "Happy Birthday Your Majesty, Ma'am, Granny."

See pictures and video below

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The Duke of Sussex, pictured with Autumn Phillips and Peter Phillips

Prince Harry and Princess Anne, pictured.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arriving at the 14th Century chapel in Windsor Castle (Image PA)

My view: Nice pictures, the Queen looked amazing. Kate Middleton looks stunning in her recycled blue outfit, Prince William and Prince Harry looked cute, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Harry did not walk side by side with his brother William and wife Kate, like he used to. He stayed away from both of them and chatted with other members of the royal family. Even when Harry was talking to Mike Tindall, William and Kate were smiling and looking at him but he was just focused on Mike. Honestly Harry has become so negative and he looked sad yesterday and lost without his "flower" wife MM by his side. The love spell on Harry is unbelievable, because this is not normal. Harry looks sad and lean and he continues to lose his hair daily, get a grip with your life and get some muscle. Prince Harry has never been more sad, I have never seen a newlywed deteriorate so quickly, he looks stressed and disoriented. I think William and Kate should text Harry, two or three times a week and tell him they love him because he's really missing the love and bond they had before but Harry is too arrogant and proud to admit. It'll be double stress for him when his twins arrives. Please William call your brother and tell him you love him, William you need to call your bro, yes, we shouldn't be the bigger person every time, but you need to this time Like tragic Mike Thalassitis, nobody knew that he was in a very bad place, not even his best friend. I don't even think Meghan knows what Harry is going through deep inside, because he wants to please her and make her happy while he's struggling inside. Forget about their PDAs, there's something worrying Harry deeply. It's like he was instructed by MM not to speak or walk side by side with his brother William and kate, it is sad. I think Meghan has had her baby/babies already because of their "granny" birthday message to the Queen.

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