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Blasts hit Sri Lanka churches, hotels: At least 156 killed, hundreds more injured in Colombo Easter

Government imposed curfew after eight blasts targeted churches and hotels


  • Three churches located in Kochichikade in Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa targeted during Easter services

  • Three five star hotels targeted in Colombo - Shangri La, Cinnamon Grand and Kingsbury

  • Over 300 injured, according to Colombo hospital

  • Death toll on the rise

  • No one has claimed responsibility for the attacks

Sri Lanka goverment declares curfew with immediate effect, after an eighth blast hit the capital. Also government announced shutdown to major social media sites and all messaging services, reported.

Police said the blast hit the suburb of Orugodawatta in the north of the capital, but there were no further details on what was targeted.

Sri Lankan Army soldiers secure the area around St. Anthony's Shrine after a blast in Colombo, Sri Lanka, SundayImage Credit: AP

Nearly 160 people have been confirmed dead so far in the string of attacks targeting hotels and churches.

Police reported that the seventh explosion took place at a hotel in Colombo, following six reported at hotels and churches earlier in the day that killed nearly 156 people.

The Seventh explosion reported was at a hotel near the national zoo, which is in an area near the capital Colombo.

"There was an explosion in a hotel in Dehiwela near the zoo," a police official told Reuters adding that there were no further details available.

An eyewitness on local TV said he saw some body parts including a severed head lying on the ground near the hotel.

A new blast hit a hotel in Sri Lanka's capital Colombo on Sunday, killing at least two people, a police spokesman said, after a string of explosions at churches and hotels.

Police spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said the blast hit a hotel in the southern Colombo suburb of Dehiwala. It was the seventh attack to hit the country on Sunday, with police saying more than 150 people have been killed.

At least 156 people were killed, including 35 foreigners when a string of coordinated explosions hit high-end hotels and churches in and around the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo, police said Sunday.

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My view: This is terrible, why are some people so evil?, the video is shocking and upsetting. Churches and hotels should put in-place security scanner by the gate before people are allowed in, churches should lock their doors during service. You can't allow these animals to continue to kill innocent and defenceless people in the name of God.

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