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Prince Harry issued scathing WARNING by radio host Mike Graham: “really starting to get on my nerves

Prince Harry has been slammed by talk radio commentator Mike Graham, angry the British people are forced to pay the bill for the Duke of Sussex to become a “freelance charity merchant”.

Mike Graham claimed the Duke of Sussex was “really starting to get on my nerves”. He said: “There are many people who are very much in awe of the Royal Family and there are many people who really don’t like the Royal Family.

“I am somewhere in the middle. I am a big fan of the Queen, I think she has done a remarkable job over the decades she has been our sovereign, I think she has been incredibly smart, incredibly tolerant. I think she has been a very very good thing for this country.

Speaking of Prince Charles and Prince William, the veteran journalist said:

“Prince Charles, I am not so sure about. Prince William, maybe to a lesser extent.

However, Graham really let rip when he got to Prince Harry.

"Prince Harry is really now starting to grind my gears, he is really starting to get on my nerves."

“After all, it was only a few short years ago he was parading around with his with his backside hanging out over in Las Vegas with a load of strippers.”

The radio host added: “Now apparently he has been reincarnated as Saint Harry. He likes to go around running the Invictus Games, which is a very good cause and a wonderful thing to do.

“He served time in Afghanistan, which many of you on twitter are reminding me is a very brave thing to do, I have no arguments with that.

Speaking about Harry's project with Oprah Winfrey, Graham revealed he wasn't interested in hearing about the prince being "the ambassador for all sorts of Charities going all over the world and doing good things.”

"None of that has anything to do with me or my country, it has nothing to do with Britain, has nothing to do with his role in the Royal Family.

"Quite frankly, Prince Harry, if you want to be a philanthropist, if you want to be a freelance charity merchant, by all means, do so. [But] do not expect the British public to fund it. It is as simple as that."

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Princess Diana, pictured with landmines victims

Diana visiting with injured children in Angola, 1997

Diana in 1991 holding a child in an orphanage with aids

My view: Harry and MM seems to be invested in themselves, it's all about them and the celeb lifestyle they so crave, you cannot be a reality star celeb and a royal. MM wants to be the next Princess Diana, but it's not working, because Diana was loved and she was popular all over the world, she identified with everyone. Princess Diana was graceful, elegant and had an amazing fashion sense. She was beautiful, outside and inside. When Diana was doing her charity work in the field, it was about the people, like those that were affected by landmines, it was about them and she never wore £5,000 designer dress to pose for the camera with landmines victims. MM has changed Harry from being a likeable guy to grumpy arrogant Prince.

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