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Naked man seen doing bicep curls with his rucksack on packed tube

This is the shocking moment a stark naked man has a mini-workout on a packed London tube train as horrified passengers pretend not to notice.

In the video the man can be seen standing on a Piccadilly Line train near Ealing this morning looking like any other commuter on his way to work - but there is one significant difference - he is completely nude.

The man then lifts up the backpack he is holding and begins to do five bicep curls, before turning around when the train pulls into Acton Town.

A fellow passenger can be seen confronting him at the end of the clip, saying: "Hello mate, are you okay? Come off the train now."

He can then be seen getting off.

Other passengers pretended not to notice the strange incident - with one playing a game on his phone just yards away and others briefly glancing at him before looking away.

People on social media have commented on the viral clip, with one man joking: "Some naked Action there ..."

Scroll down for video

Via Mirror

My view: This is so strange, maybe the naked man has psychological problem.

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