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Girl, 16, is arrested after planning party on Snapchat that left luxury flat owner with £40,000 repa

A 16-year-old girl has been arrested after she invited revellers to a luxury apartment, who went on to cause £40,000 worth of damage, Daily Mail reported.

Party-goers tore down walls with sledgehammers at the flat in Belfast, which had been rented through by a woman who purchased the one-night stay for her daughter.

Despite the rules of the property clearly stating that parties were not allowed, the teenager took to Snapchat where she invited people to the flat on Saturday night.

Now the owner of the property has been left devastated, after vandals broke furniture and smashed windows during the party.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, William, who owns the property, but did not want to give his surname, said the incident had been a complete disaster and that he was shocked that it had happened.

'The extent of the destruction is unbelievable, it makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach.

'There is now a hole in the wall between the kitchen and hall because they used sledgehammers to break through.

'The windows have been smashed, doors broke, the kitchen and bathrooms are wrecked, everything is ruined.'

Vandals destroyed the bathroom (left) breaking the shower, smashing the mirror and ripping of the toilet seat. Pictured right: The bathroom before the party

A picture of the property before the incident, as it is advertised on

William has rented out the property for two years and when advertising the flat, explicitly states that parties and events are not to be held.

It is unclear exactly how much the apartment was rented for over the weekend, but an overnight stay this Saturday is currently advertised at £200.

On the website it is advertised as having 'river views' and is 'just a 6 minute walk from The Waterfront Hall and 750 yards from the SSE arena.'

It adds: 'The apartments comes with a fully equipped kitchen, seating/living area, dining area and a flat-screen TV with cable channels.'

Windows were smashed (left) and grubby footprints were left on glass, and furniture was ripped from the walls (right)

One of the two bedrooms in the apartment which was trashed by vandals over the weekend

Despite warnings against holding parties in the property, up to 40 youths descended on the property, which is usually let out to tourists.

Residents who witnessed the event said some people had even been scaling the railings of the building to try and get in.

Terrified neighbours said they feared their own homes would be attacked and told how they frantically dialled 999 on several occasions but were forced to wait up to 40 minutes before police arrived.

William now believes the mother who made the booking should also be arrested, and held accountable along with her daughter.

'I have been told that the repairs will cost around £40,000 which I have to cover myself.

The kitchen in the flat before the party over the weekend

An exterior view of the property, with the apartment on the ground floor, that is next to eh River Lagan

'I've contacted to report what happened and their solution was to waive the £9.80 commission fee which isn't going to be much help.

'I have no faith that I will get a penny back from those responsible.'

William had been in Enniskillen for the Easter break when he heard the news and has since returned to Belfast to help with repairs.

As well as the costly bill, he has also had to cancel 42 bookings and give refunds to potential customers.

The flat's lounge pictured as advertised on before the devasation

The property, pictured centre, boasts of having views of the River Lagan and is located in East Belfast

He said: 'It is an absolute shame.

'We were fully booked over Easter and it was heartbreaking having to cancel on people who were looking forward to their holidays and give full refunds, which is just extra money lost on top of the refurb costs.

'The contractors have said the place should be ready again within a month but this has really put me off doing anything like this again.'

Yvonne Campbell, a businesswoman who lives in an apartment on the first floor of the complex, told the Belfast Telegraph that she was at home when loud music began blaring from the property.

The advertisement for the property on boasts that the flat is in a central location and that free private parking is available.

However restrictions clearly state:

- Pets are not allowed

- Smoking is not allowed

- Parties/events are not allowed

It also states that a damage deposit of £100 is required on arrival, which will be reimbursed on checkout.

It also clearly states than bachelor/bacherlorette parties are not accommodated for.

She said the 'deafening noise' came before 'what can only be described as an indoor riot' shortly before 10pm.

'I was extremely afraid for my safety,' she said.

'Nothing like this has ever happened here before. Nobody in the apartment block can believe it.'

The head of Charterhouse Property Management, which runs the apartments, Kieran Smyth said: 'Short term letting through these agencies are causing widespread concern with people who own apartments in Northern Ireland.'

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My view: The mother who made the booking should be arrested and held accountable alongside her daughter. I wonder why her mother wasn't there to supervise the unruly teens.

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