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Eamonn Holmes likes shady tweet saying Rochelle Humes’ presenting isn’t ‘natural’ on This Morning

With Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby on Easter break from their This Morning presenting show, a host of celebrities have been cropping up to take their place over the Easter holidays.

Former Saturdays singer Rochelle Humes, 30, has been one of the famous celebs filling for Holly, but it appears This Morning co-host Eamonn Holmes does not think she is a 'natural' at the job.

Eamonn took to Twitter and favourited a string of gushing tweets from viewers praising him and wife Ruth Langsford, who regularly present the Friday show.

But eagled-eyed fans revealed that Eamonn also like one tweet that took a swipe at Rochelle.

59-year-old Eamonn and his wife Ruth Langsford, 59, have been co-hosting This Morning on Fridays since 2006.

While singer and songwriter, Rochelle has become a regular stand-in for Holly Willoughby, presenting alongside Doctor Who's John Barrowman and former reality star Rylan Clark Neal.

See the tweet below

Rochelle Humes and John Barrowman

Philip Scofield and Holly Willoughby are enjoying a two week break from This Morning (Image:

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford together with Rochelle and husband Marvin Humes (Image: TWITTER)

Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford

Scroll down for video

My view: Eammon Holmes thinks his better than everyone else on TV, but I would rather watch SKY News, CNN, Wendy Williams, Piers Morgan, Susanna Reid, Rochelle Humes, The View and football 24/7, than watch a man who has past his sell-by-date. Rochelle is being her real self on TV, not like plastic and fake people who practice how to clown and think they are natural on TV. Honestly it's time for Eamonn Holmes and his wife Ruth Langsford to retire from TV, they are the most unnatural and boring presenters on TV, they bore people with their husband and wife show that looks staged and doesn't look funny. Then his wife Ruth goes on Loose women and continue with her boring stuff. Maybe Eamonn should take a proper look at himself in the mirror before Liking a comment that condemned Rochelle. Just because Rochelle doesn't look like you doesn't mean she's not a natural presenter, she's real and not fake. Also the only thing Eamonn Holmes likes doing, during his ITV show is to eat and eat during the food segment. Leave Rochelle alone she's old enough to be your granddaughter and stop bullying her with your 'Like' tick, of "natural" comment on Twitter and the racial overtones. Eamonn Holmes is so boring and rude you need to learn some manners and treat people that are not "Natural" on TV like you and your wife Ruth with respect.

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