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Blac Chyna sued for $48K By Landlord Over Unpaid Rent

Blac Chyna has been accused of not paying five months worth of rent.

According to TMZ, her former landlord has sued her for $48,546 over unpaid rent.

In the landlord says she signed the lease agreeing that she would occupy the home until March 2019. However, he said that she left in November 2018.

According to the suit the landlord said that Chyna owes him $55,546 for five months of rent.

However, after he deducted her $25K deposit and added $18K in damages, the landlord said that Chyna owes $48,546. He said, Chyna allegedly removed "fixtures and equipment" from the home which he claims caused $18K in damages.

TMZ reports that, Chyna's former landlord is suing her for the amount as well as interest and attorney fees.

Photo: TMZ

My view: I don't get why Blac Chyna is allegedly owing 5 months rent, with all the Fashionova AD campaign she helps to promote on Instagram, don't they pay her good money?. Also I think she made a terrible mistake for not wanting to receive monthly child support from Rob Kardashian, is it pride or what?, Rob's sister Kylie Jenner can afford to pay $10-20k a month on her brother's behalf. It'll be better for Chyna to go back to the court and renegotiate a new deal and she should stop pretending that she has millions in her account and showing off mansions and flashy cars that according to reports she allegedly rented. I don't know why Chyna is allegedly owing her former landlord nearly $50k, if she's involved with Fashionova and her lashed and salon business is doing well. Honestly some celebs live larger than life/fantasy on Instagram, it's so strange. Blac Chyna is hardworking, so why is she allegedly having financial problem.?

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