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Notre-Dame cathedral fire has been fully extinguished, Paris firefighters say.

The massive fire at Paris' Notre Dame Cathedral has been fully extinguished, say firefighters after spending over 9 hours tackling the flames.

“The fire is completely under control,” Lieutenant-Colonel Gabriel Plus, a spokesman for the Paris Fire Department, told reporters eight hours after the first responders arrived at the scene shortly before 7 pm on Monday evening. “It is partially extinguished, there are residual fires to put out.”

Daylight photos of the iconic landmark have revealed the extent of the devastation as the cause is being investigated.

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed to rebuild the 12th Century cathedral describing the incident as a "terrible tragedy."

Hundreds of millions of euros have already been pledged to rebuild the cathedral.

Emmanue lMacron says "we will rebuild". Don't underestimate what this fire means for the identity of the French people.

See images from inside and outside of the cathedral.

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

Scroll down for video

My view: Terrible tragedy. Good to know that French fashion billionaires have pledged to help rebuild the cathedral.

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