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Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson reunite for True birthday

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson put aside their differences for True's first birthday.

True's first birthday party included cotton candy and unicorns.

Khloe and True wore matching outfits.

And True's birthday party on Sunday proved that the parents are more than capable of presenting a united front for the sake of their daughter.

"Khloe was very happy that Tristan showed up," a source told E! News. "The day was a success and drama free."

Another source acknowledges that the party was a "difficult place for Tristan to walk into," so the fact that the basketball player came made Khloe "very happy for True."

According to E News, the second insider reveals, "She asked everyone to not make it uncomfortable for Tristan and to just focus on True and this beautiful celebration."

"Khloe has had to make many sacrifices for True and she will continue to. She knew Tristan had to be there for True's first birthday and it would mean coming together with her family. She wanted to make sure there was no drama," the second source adds. "She made that clear to her family."

And it appears that Khloe's family was more than willing to oblige. The first insider explains, "Everyone brushed their issues under the rug and put on a good face for True"

While Khloe and her family were "civil" with Tristan, the second source says, "Khloe and Tristan didn't talk much... They hung out separately for most of the party."

E News reports that, Khloe "allowed him to bring a few friends so he didn't feel out of place." Between spending time socializing with friends and doting on True, Tristan was "in a great mood and was truly showing effort to be there and be involved," describes the same source.

See pictures and video below

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My view: The pictures/video shows that Tristan Thompson has been there for his daughter even during the so called cheating scandal, despite all the lies about him, total false, a picture is worth a thousand words. They made Tristan Thompson looked like a monster from hell and Jordyn Woods "the homewrecker". Tristan and True's pictures/video appears very different, it shows that he loves his daughter dearly.

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