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Enchanting family photos show Meghan Markle opening presents and playing with friends at alfresco pa

Excitedly opening her birthday present at an alfresco family party, the pretty little girl is a study of anticipation. It is so hot that she is barefoot and wears only a pair of shorts.

And here she is on another golden day in the park, giggling impishly as she totters around in her striped summer frock; then squatting down on the grass to feed the pigeons under the protective gaze of her mother.

These delightful new photographs capture the infant Meghan Markle taking her first steps on the extraordinary journey that has led her from the obscurity of a Los Angeles suburb to the heart of the British establishment.

They are among dozens of evocative snapshots contained in a treasured and previously unseen family album shown exclusively to the Daily Mail by Meghan’s uncle, Joseph Johnson.

Until now, the perception has been that Meghan’s childhood was scarred by the acrimony between her parents, who divorced when she was six, and her older sister’s jealousy.

The truth, as these photos show, appears very different.

They depict a family seemingly at ease and united in their adoration for their newest addition. There is no hint of the unedifying rancour and feuding that frequently embarrasses her today.

According to Meghan’s uncle, the camera doesn’t lie.

‘She was always a special child, and so happy. She had a lovely and sunny disposition,’ said Mr Johnson, 69, who is Doria’s half-brother.

He remembers how, when Meghan was young, he and his sons, Jason, Shawn and Jarred, would get together with Thomas Sr, Tom and Samantha, and have fun.

And, as the photos also show, Meghan was close to her cousins and remained so. In her teens, she would go for nights out with them in their hometown of Fresno, three hours north of Los Angeles.

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Via Daily Mail

My view: I think Meghan's uncle wouldn't have released the pictures without MM authorizing them, Meghan is definitely working overtime to soften her image, a loving family that Meghan ditched and snubbed because of her royal life the pictures are really cute, they're working wonders on MM's image. She truly had a loving family from both sides before unofficially discarding and disowning them. Her husband Harry, even said "a family she never had," quite the opposite, Meg had a family and she was loved. Pictures don't lie, a picture is worth a thousand words. Those pictures showed Meg's mum Doria Ragland, as reserved, dignified, gentle and very private. I think MM should forgive her Dad.

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