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Ghanaian pastor, Rev. Obofour thanks God for prosperity as he shares video of his mansion and cars

Rev. Obofour shared a video on social media and thanked God for prosperity as he showed off his mansion and fleet of cars.

The self-proclaimed prophet is seen as the richest man of God in Ghana, however said in the video that he does not depend on the church for survival and also to live stylishly. According to him, he has over 15 companies that are currently fetching him huge sums of money.

“People don’t know me, the church does not take care of me. I have travelled with the Foreign Affairs Minister to Europe to look for investors. I am a businessman, not a joker. I have more than 14 to 15 serious companies,” he disclosed.

The Ghanaian pastor also revealed that he makes huge sums of money from the ‘Witches cream’ he sells in his church. Here is the video in which Rev. Obofour showed off his mansion and cars as he thanked God for prosperity, Unclesuru reported.

Scroll down for video

My view: Good for him, but how come it is only the billionaire pastors that are extremely blessed with unbelievable wealth through their own prayers, the same prayers they say to their congregants daily, yet 99% of them don't have mansions, exotic cars and designer wears, most are unemployed and have no Income Support from their government. So why are these pastors saying good prayers for themselves and getting richer, while they say hardship prayers for their members, who have no mansions and flashy cars to flaunt. Over to the flamboyant pastor Obofour, your members are waiting for that special miracle of wealth you performed on your self to extend to them, also show them your business connections since you revealed that you don't make your money from the church, so does it mean that your prayers are not effective?, that it is why they're not being answered.!!

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