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Wedding guest slammed by online critics for 'tacky' and 'inappropriate' bodycon dres

A woman has been slammed on social media for proposing a possible dress to wear to a friend's wedding - with many deeming it 'inappropriate.'

For any wedding guest, buying a dress that doesn't take too much attention away from the bride or blend in too much with the bridesmaids is a tricky task.

But one brave lady, from the UK, was expecting to get the go ahead for her chosen outfit - and received a whole load of criticism instead.

Posting alongside an image of the black bodycon dress, which features cut out sides, she asked whether it would be 'too much' - and people didn't hold back on their opinions.

'Is the wedding at a nightclub? Is it some wild 18+ party thing? Because then maybe, otherwise it'd just be really out of place and awkward,' criticised one, while another agreed: 'This would definitely be great for a club or bar, not a wedding.'

A woman has been slammed on social media for proposing a possible dress to wear to a friend's wedding - with many deeming it 'inappropriate'

Taking to the Facebook page, the woman explained: 'Have to attend a wedding in about three weeks. I own this dress and I've never worn it yet.

'Is it too much for a wedding? Or is it possibly appropriate?'

The picture of the daring dress in question was then shared in a Wedding Shaming group and the negative feedback quickly ensued.

Many found even the question offensive and weren't afraid to express what they really thought.

'That dress would be cute for a stripper,' read one particularly harsh comment, while another penned: 'What a tacky, cheap dress. Completely inappropriate for a wedding! Even a meal out it's inappropriate.'

Another waded in on the debate and commented: 'Even in my 20s, when I was in my physical prime I'd never wear that to a wedding. It's tacky, tasteless and doesn't belong as a wedding. Like, have some common sense.'

Meanwhile, one lady had a completely different take on the outfit and wrote: 'I definitely wouldn't mind this at my wedding. I mean, it's a party, right? So what's the big deal?'

Another in agreement said: 'I 100 per cent agree with you. It's a party dress and we've having a party. Way too many people view their wedding as their super serious affair full of meaning and ritual.'

'Outside of the bride and groom and maybe their parents, no one is taking your wedding that seriously. Just lighten up and try and have a good time.'

A third admitted: 'If I had that body I'd wear it.'

Via Daily Mail

My view: The dress is too revealing and inappropriate, to wear to the church, but it's ok for the reception. Seriously, who would wear a tacky outfit like that, just to upstage the bride?.

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