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Walmart Wendy: Woman calls cops on city worker for looking ‘illegal’ on the job

An unidentified woman dubbed “Walmart Wendy” hurls racist insults and calls 911 (Image Source: YouTube Screenshot)

Once again a person has been caught on video hurling racist insults at someone of color. This time the incident took place at a Walmart in Glendora, California and involved a city utility worker and a woman now being called “Walmart Wendy.”

Walmart Wendy was upset because the city worker requested that she move her vehicle so he could park his large utility truck. Instead of simply saying no or moving her car, she decided to call 911. She told a dispatcher that the worker looked “illegal” and “scary” and even insulted the dispatcher by asking “Do you live here? Are you from Africa?”

The woman even goes so far as to ask the man for documentation and if he has a green card. As others look on and call her out for her racist antics, she becomes defensive. She states defiantly “My dad is Black, don’t call me a racist, a–hole. My dad is f—-g black.” She further gives her little nephew is Italian, Mexican and “aloha.”

The video was posted to Facebook and is quickly spreading on social media platforms with over 5.5k shares. There is no word yet on whether social media users, colloquially known as “Black Twitter Investigative Services”, have identified the real name of “Walmart Wendy.” However, as we have seen in the past, it is only a matter of time.

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Via Rollingout

My view: This woman is just plain rude.

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