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Ghanaian pastor Obinim says he's performed more miracles than Jesus and major prophets in the Bi

The founder and leader of the International God's Way Bishop Daniel Obinim has once again caused a stir with a yet another controversial statement.

According to Obinim, he has performed more miracles than any prophet in Christianity and not even Jesus Christ himself did the miracles he [Obinim] has done.

Obinim made the claim speaking in a sermon he recently delivered in at the Tema church of his church.

Explaining his point, Obinim stated that his study of the Bible indicates that Jesus transformed his physical being to perform a miracle on three different occasions.

But he [Obinim] has done such transformation on countless times to fulfil Jesus' prediction that his followers will do more than he did because his life was short lived on Earth.

”Jesus said ‘the Miracles I'm performing, the wonders and the signs, those who believe in me, you can perform more than that’.

Jesus was making reference to this that he didn’t have enough time. He worked for about 3 and a half years before leaving but those of us now we have more time.

I Angel Obinim, I have worked for so many years more than that of my father and the miracles, the angelic performances, the wonders and signs that I have performed; they are countless because I have enough time,” Obinim said this in a sermon at the Kumasi branch of his Church Obinim emphasised that the kind of miracles he has performed so far in his pastoral career beats any of the prophets mentioned in the Bible.

According to him, the paths God chose for prophets like Moses, Jeremiah, Elijah, and Elisha were very different from what he has given hence his ability to transform in other forms, unlike those major prophets.

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My view: Pastor Obinim is an attention seeker and a show off. I wonder why he has not gone round the hospitals in Ghana and heal all the sick people with his miracle.

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