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Michael Jackson's family is not going to be happy with Aaron Carter, after saying he's finally ready to speak the truth about his experience with MJ.

Speaking to TMZ on Thursday at LAX Aaron seemed to do a 180, saying he's going to reveal his experiences with the late singer ... as for whether it involved abuse, Aaron won't say either way.

Remember ... it was exactly a month ago when Aaron staunchly supported MJ during his appearance on "TMZ Live" saying absolutely nothing happened in his encounters with MJ back in the day. Aaron also slammed the "Leaving Neverland" accusers, calling them liars, because he said they had the opportunity to come forward when MJ was alive, but didn't.

Aaron -- who says his family knows his truth about MJ -- says he's always gonna love Jackson's family ... even if they might not like what he will reveal.

Scroll down and watch Aaron's comments a month ago.

My view: Aaron is a hypocrite, because he called, "Leaving Neverland" accusers liars, he said they had the opportunity to come forward when Michael Jackson was alive but didn't, Aaron also said he was offered six figure sum to talk about his experience with MJ, but he refused and turned it down. I wonder if he now wants to wake Michael up from his grave and put him in prison, or because he wants to be relevant and make some money to fund his habit, as he has just woken up from sleep and sensed that there's lots of money involved when you talk about MJ's bedroom. Aaron Carter is writing a book, oh good for him and the people that'll waste their hard earned money to buy same old story. You just have no credibility whatsoever.

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