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Katie Price grabs her crotch for racy 90's style bikini photoshoot in Ibiza

Katie Price grabs her crotch for raunchy bikini photoshoot in Ibiza - but it seems her boyfriend Kris Boyson doesn't look too impressed

40-year-old Katie Price channelled 90s retro look as she posed for the camera on a car roof while her beau Kris hid in the back seat looking unimpressed.

The mum-of-five sat on top of a Jeep wearing a glittering fishnet cover over a brown bikini.

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Photo credit: The Sun

Katie, 40, pictured with her toyboy Kris Boyson, 30.

Photo: Daily Mail

Photo: Daily Mail

Photo: Daily Mail

Kris Boyson

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Total slapper. She’s not ageing well at all and no longer looks feminine but more like a drag queen. What does Bart see in this publicity hungry mess?! 🤔 The sun hits a new low!!! and their point being bu ve bunun gibiler slikondan meme k.. olmaz garip fakir ev kadınları dininde namazında niyazında olur tedavi görür ve ölür niye böyle hayat keşke bir hızır gelse bana anlatsa neden olduğunu bunların bende sussam

Probably grabbing her crotch to keep in place, after all damage... God somebody should tell the TRAMP to close her legs 🤢 🤮 Not an attractive look Hoer How can you write that as sexy photo shoot. Nothing sexy about that

More disgusting than sexy... Because it's a big black hole While she grabs her crotch,. What’s Kris doing in the back 😂 😂 Can't stand the woman all problems she's had has been brought on by herself and this photo is embarrassing She's disgusting. Again Sun is this interesting news I don’t think so It’s not very attractive, in fact it’s not attractive at all, her children will be mortified

Maybe she was having a wee scratch lol Fanny like an empty headlock! yuk would not touch that with a bargepole

Sexy...? debatable that statement.. 🤢 Tramp She must have hands like this guy Why do papers still print trash like this? Are people that sad that they are actually interested in what she does? (For the record, I don’t follow The Sun but I guess this is still every day news in their paper) Plz Katie call it a day.

Nobody wants to see this riddled rhino anymore. Like in anything. Ever. Sexy? Rough as a badgers ball bag. She'll have a clout on it like a butchers bin She’s had more pokes than a second hand darts board Rogered more times than a coppers radio 📻

Ageing now, how’s that gonna pan out for future cash No ones arsed about the old trout Always in the news for the wrong reasons ‼️ She’s far from sexy Wasnr this yesterdays tweet Yawn There is nothing sexy about her She’s so sad.

My view: How desperate is Katie Price?, she is still showcasing her Jordan side at almost 41. Oh well I don't blame her, she's now broke, after blowing her £45 million fortune, what a life.

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