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Mum urged daughter to sleep with sugar daddies to pay for their cosmetic surgery

A mum who encouraged her daughter to sleep with sugar daddies to pay for their cosmetic surgery when she was 18 has been branded ‘disgusting’.

Georgina Clarke, 41, let Kayla Morris, who is now 23, dance for older men and have sex with them in return for cash for boob jobs and lip fillers for both of them.

She admitted that she felt rubbish and knew that it was not right.

Previously she had spoken about being supportive of her daughter who found a sugar daddy in his 50s when she was a teenager.

Together they have spent £60,000 on their looks after Kayla started saying she wanted to look like Katie Price from the age of 11.

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Appearing on the Kyle Files she said: ‘I just remember really wanting it done. It’s a lot of pressure on being a young girl nowadays, the whole Kim Kardashian thing, Instagram thing, selfie thing.

‘And if you aren’t secure and happy in yourself, and you have the money then you will go and do them.’ Show host Jeremy Kyle branded said: ‘It’s disgusting.

If my 18-year-old daughter was sleeping with a 50-year-old man in return for money to have her boobs done or her lips, I wouldn’t think of myself as a very good parent Georgina.’

Kayla, when she was 20, branded how she used to look ‘ridiculous’ and said she can’t look at old pictures of herself anymore (Picture: News Dog Media)

Georgina Clarke, pictured, left with her daughter Kayla Morris, right, before they began having surgeries

Via Metro

My view: I don't get why some people damage their appearance with cosmetic surgery. Her daughter looked better before the cosmetic procedure. Whoever performed the procedure on them clearly didn't do a good job.

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