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Female 'thief' is caught on CCTV driving off in woman's £22,000 Range Rover after 's

This is the astonishing moment a 'thief' drove off in a £22,000 Range Rover after allegedly stealing the owner's handbag and then tracing her address using her driving licence.

CCTV footage shows a woman, wearing a black dress and white heels, getting out of a taxi at Louisa Stevens's home in Bury, Greater Manchester, and getting into the white car in the driveway.

Ms Stevens, 41, said her handbag was taken while she was dancing in Propaganda nightclub in Bury town centre in the early hours of Saturday and had her purse, phone and car and house keys inside.

The footage also shows a group of around five women waiting in the taxi while the alleged thief is inside the vehicle, before she asks one of them to join her.

The taxi then drives off, with the other woman seen running after it, before the blonde woman drives away in the Range Rover.

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Bouncers came to her aid, but she could not trace the black Radley handbag.

A Bury Street Pastor later found it outside a nearby chicken shop but Louisa's black Radley purse, mobile phone, car keys and house keys were missing.

Ms Stevens returned home and managed to get into her house with a spare key, but was shocked to find her Range Rover missing.

Louisa Stevens, pictured, 41, has released the footage and appealed for help finding the alleged thief

Later on Saturday morning she discovered the crime on footage from a CCTV camera outside her house.

The group of women appear to have traced her address from her driving licence, which was inside the stolen purse.

The bag is understood to have been taken at around 2.10am on April 6.

Ms Stevens said: 'I came back from my holiday and met up with a few friends. A short night turned into a long night.

'We went into Bury and had a bit of a dance. I had my day handbag with me, I don't normally go out with my car keys.

'I contacted police when I got home. Then I noticed my car was missing.

'I watched the CCTV footage next morning. It was four or five girls. It is just one that gets in the car and drives off.

'When I watched the footage I felt really numb. It only hit me yesterday, it was delayed shock. I have not been sleeping.'

Greater Manchester Police officers have since recovered the car, found dumped outside a garage in nearby Radcliffe, and are carrying out forensic tests.

Ms Stevens faces losing her no-claims bonus if the alleged car thief cannot be traced and has released the CCTV footage in a bid to find her.

Via Daily Mail

My view: There are CCTV everywhere, she'll definitely be caught. It is scary that they drove to the woman's house after stealing her bag. I hope she gets prison sentence

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