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Some nurses cry over lack of marriage proposals from Ghanaian men

Some Ghanaians nurses are not happy claiming that they lack marriage proposals.

According to them, they are growing every day without being proposed to. gathered this in a report sighted on

The nurses were reported to have said that they wondered what was wrong about them that they never get marriage proposals.

They cried that age was catching up on them and they desperately wanted to get married.

“We are getting old by the day and no man is approaching us for a relationship or marriage proposal. We are worried. What is wrong with us that men can’t ask for our hand in marriage?” the nurses reportedly said.

Meanwhile, some female police officers expressed similar sentiments some time ago that they also lacked marriage proposals.

They said Ghanaian men were not bold enough to approach them for relationship and so they were not getting married.


My view: Maybe some men are intimidated by successful women, especially Ghanaian men. There's this Ghanaian lady, she's a qualified lawyer, she's currently studying for her Master's Degree in the UK, She told me that her boyfriend she met when they were both 17 just dumped her. He studied chemistry from one of the best Universities in Ghana. He told her, he doesn't think he can afford to save for their wedding and he's planning to marry a local girl in Ghana, as he's based over there, when she told him that she was ready to pay for the wedding and relocate to Ghana, he said no. So, I do believe that some men are intimidated by clever women, because some of them treat their husbands like a doormat/personal assistant and they call the shots/wear the trousers at home. But it is different if the woman is a multi millionaire and not a graduate, they'll jump at the chance to marry for money. Also some men don't just go for nurses, because of their work shift pattern.

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