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A teacher in a London school has been suspended because he can't 'read or write'

Struggling to read and write was not enough to stop a teacher getting a job at a top secondary school.

Faisal Ahmed was given the green light by elite teacher training program TeachFirst despite having 'extreme difficulty with handwriting', problems with reading and understanding 'written tests'.

Just days into his new job at St Thomas More Catholic school in leafy Wood Green, north London, he was summoned by the headmaster and suspended, reported The Sun.

Mr Ahmed suffers from dyspraxia, a condition that affects co-ordination, and he told the headmaster Mark Rowland that he was unable to write for 'more than a couple of minutes' as his condition caused him too much pain.

Teach First recruits top graduates who are parachuted into schools while they study for a teaching qualification, with the organisation receiving millions in funding.

The scandal emerged when Mr Ahmed, who is in his 30s, sued the school for constructive dismissal and disability discrimination after he quit in anger.

Papers obtained by the Sun showed that Mr Ahmed lost his legal battle and subsequent appeal over the 2016 scandal, with the London Central Employment and Tribunal throwing out his claims last month.

Ex-City worker Mr Ahmed was going to teach vital GCSE and A-Level lessons to teenagers.

Teach First admitted that they did not inform the school of Mr Ahmed's condition.

Via Daily Mail

My view: "Teach first " should be investigated, also who is funding it?. It is so strange that this teacher was able to sail through the training programme successfully to become a full time teacher, or maybe someone else allegedly represented him during the interview and training.

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