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Nursery assistant caught on video 'stamping on boy's head and punching and slapping tiny gir

A video of a nursery assistant mercilessly beating a little girl and stamping on a boy's head has landed the teacher in trouble after the year-old video resurfaced.

The nursery assistant also reportedly taunted a little girl in the same creche by screaming at her: “Why are you vomiting? Why?”

According to reports, the video clip has led to the arrest of the nursery assistant and her dismissal from the school.

In the footage, the assistant throws a tissue on the table and demands the little girl wipes her face.

The woman then begins to slap the child repeatedly in the head, which causes the unwell girl to scream.

The nursery assistant is heard shouting at the girl, “Tell me, why are you vomiting? Is it nice to vomit."

Parents reportedly removed their kids from the nursery after spotting the clip emerge online.

The video, was reportedly recorded over a year ago

According to reports, authorities are also questioning the person who recorded the video for not intervening.

Peter Masooa, spokesperson for South African Police Service said, the 40-year-old woman appeared in court on March 28, 2019 after a teacher opened a case of assault on the minor against her

Scroll down for video

A mother, who wished to remain anonymous, said: “When I reported this to the principal, she said my daughter is an emotional person and I am overreacting.”

Another mum said: “I am shocked and angry. This is one of the best crèches around. Kids of policemen, brigadiers, lawyers and teachers come here.”

The suspect will next appear in court on Tuesday May 7.

Scroll down and watch the second video

My view: There should be CCTV in all pre-schools, so that evil people like this woman don't go anywhere near defenseless and helpless children. I just don't get why the person that recorded the video didn't stop and help two kids. It so sad, the video is distressing to watch.

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