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Mum thought she was having a breast reduction but woke up with massive, wonky implants

A mum who went to a plastic surgeon for a breast reduction was horrified when she woke up from the op with bigger boobs than before, The Sun reported.

Whitney - who referred to her botched breasts as "upside down zucchinis" - sought the help of a doctor after having her first baby, but has now revealed the experience has "messed her up".

Whitney was shocked to find the doctor had inserted implants

Appearing in an episode of Botched on E!, the mum-of-two from America explained she'd always had large breasts, but decided she wanted a reduction after her first pregnancy left her with boobs that "hung to [her] belly button".

"At the age of 14 I developed very large breasts, so any time a boy would come up to me, it wouldn't be to flirt with me, it would be to try and look down my shirt," she explained in the clip.

"One day, this boy nicknamed me t**ney Whitney and it stuck.

"I got pregnant at the age of 18 and, after, my breasts fell and they literally hung to my belly button. It was devastating."

The mum revealed she had always had large breasts

Whitney's breasts before the operation

But after visiting her plastic surgeon, Whitney left the hospital with even bigger boobs, explaining the doctor had inserted implants without her knowledge.

"The first plastic surgeon I went to, I told him I would like a reduction and I came out with these massive boobs - the doctor had put breast implants in without my knowledge," she revealed.

"When I first saw my breasts I was shocked, they were just as big as they were before if not bigger looking because they were so high.

"And then about three months later I was looking in the mirror and when I turned to the side I would notice the implant up here and the breast tissue down here and I thought, did something go wrong?"

Whitney was devastated when she woke up with implants

Whitney noticed they were uneven when turning to the side

She has revealed the experience "messed her up"

After contacting the surgeon again and making two more visits, Whitney was left with uneven boobs.

"I told him please make me smaller and all he kept saying was that I had too much elasticity in my skin and that it just wasn't possible to remove breast tissue at this age," she explained.

"And he said, let me go back in and do another lift.

"The breasts were just uneven, the right one was bigger than the left one, so we went and saw him again for the third time and my breasts just looked the same."

The mum-of-two explained she's "praying for change"

Now, Whitney is seeking the help of Dr Terry Dubrow to help fix her botched breasts.

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"It literally messed me up, I looked different than every other woman in this world," she said.

"...It's almost like, I was just torn apart at my breasts and I don't know why.

"It's been so long that I've lived this way and I'm just praying for a change."

During Whitney's consultation, Dr Dubrow revealed her surgical issues would be "deceptively difficult" to fix - but after having the implants removed eight weeks later - the mum feels brand new.

Whitney said she feels "brand new"

"The fact that I have no breast implants is a huge weight off my shoulders," she said.

"I finally have the breasts I've always wanted. I've been dealt the perfect pair," she said, as she showed off her new figure to husband Cole.

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