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Man brutally killed his father for refusing to sponsor him abroad

A Heartless young man identified as Chidiebere allegedly strangled his 65-year-old father, Christopher Onoh, because he refused to sell his land to send him overseas.

A Facebook user named, Eric Doncleaono, shared the gruesome picture of Christopher Onoh and captioned, "Christopher Onoh( late) may ur gentle soul rest in peace, Amen.Christopher was a gentle, hardworking and intelligent man.Brief story about his death!!!31st January 2019, Christopher first son Chidiebere Onoh, a notorious cultist conspired with his friend Sir King n kill his dad, just bcos his dad refused to sell his land to send him abroad, having sold his late junior brother land and gave the wife and son the money. The two shared the money among themselves and the wife left her matrimonial home to live at Egede for ichaka business while the son moved to an unknown place. After they squandered the money, both came back and insist that Christopher must sell the land to send him abroad which he declined. Chidiebere and his friend Sir king conspired and kill Christopher with dog chain. This is Christopher corpse after he was killed in his parlour, they took the corpse to his bedroom and arrange him in his bed"

According to Eric Doncleano, the incident happened on January 31, 2019, in Ukaka Ngo, Enugu State Nigeria. The suspect, who is reportedly a notorious cultist has been on the run since. .

Chidiebere allegedly connived with his friend, “Sir King”, to commit the gruesome murder, with the hope that once their father is dead, the land would be given to him, being the first child, and he would be able to sell it and relocate overseas.

The Facebook user who shared the post revealed that the man was killed with a dog chain in his sitting room and then moved to his bedroom. Mr Onoh's funeral took place yesterday, April 6, 2019, while the police are still looking for the alleged killer.

See pictures and the post below

My view: This is shocking and heartbreaking, it is so sad, an innocent man brutally murdered by his own son because of money, This is beyond evil, some people have no regard for human life.

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