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Reality star Montana Brown tells her fellow reality celebs to 'check in on each other' as sh

Love Island star Montana Brown has told fellow reality stars to 'be kinder and more genuine' during a heartfelt eulogy at the funeral of Mike Thalassitis, Daily Mail reported.

Emotional reality TV stars have come together today to say their final goodbyes to the Love Island star who was found hanged in a park near his home in Edmonton, north London on March 15 at the age of just 26.

Mike was said to be suffering from depression and financial troubles, and struggling to come to terms with the loss of his beloved grandmother, who had passed away days earlier.

Dozens of mourners gathered outside Christ Church in Southgate, north London, where the star is being laid to rest.

During the ceremony, Ms Brown, who was close friends with Mike, stood up to give a speech about the former footballer, saying: 'I'm looking at everyone right here and asking you to change yourself, change how you live your life, change how you love your loved ones, and also change how you treat strangers.

'I can see a lot of reality faced in the room, please do not let this pass you by. It's so hard, the rejection, the competitiveness, the need to constantly look ok on social media.

'So let's learn from this. We're all in the same boat. We all go through the same stresses. Let's just be kinder, be nicer, more genuine, let's check in on each other, life's too short.'

Mike Thalassistis

Montana Brown

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My view: Such a tragic waste of a young life, this just shows that depression can affect anyone from the outside who would think this beautiful soul aged 26, was suffering so badly, so sad? money worries is not good, some people are facing hard financial times and the impact on mental health can be significant. When you see pictures of some celebs on Instagram you won't know if they have financial problems and depression. Get help if you are depressed. Don't ignore text messages or phone calls from a troubled friend because you think he/she is bothering you. Honestly I don't get Montana Brown, it's like giving someone medicine after they have passed away. Mike messaged her a day before he took his own life but she didn't reply and now she's feeling guilty. She said tragic Mike asked her ‘How’s it going, how are you?’ And I didn’t reply’, imagine and she saw the message the very day he sent it, but ignored it, when she knew he had psychological problem, so sad.

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