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Megan McKenna 'flies to Nashville for work commitment as she's spotted grabbing lunch in Nas

Reality star Meghan McKenna was spotted out and about on Thursday, as she continues to spend time in Nashville for her music project after her ex Mike Thalassitis' death.

Meghan, 25, has been working in Nashville on her country music album, as she was spotted grabbing lunch a day before her ex boyfriend's funeral.

In March, Mike Thalassistis was found hanged in a woodland near his Edmonton home he was aged 26.

The late reality star's last relationship was with Megan McKenna, whom he split from last July. She did not attend the funeral on Friday.

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Mike Thalassistis

My view: Why didn't she wait until after her ex boyfriend Mike Thalassitis' funeral before she jets off for her country music project, you have a strange way of mourning your ex boyfriend, the optics in Nashville during his funeral are bad, who does that?. Can't believe she wasn't at his funeral, maybe she wasn't invited, who knows?

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