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Female dancer lures mad man for sex after seeing his manhood

A lady has been arrested for reportedly ‘raping’ a mentally unstable man. The dancer identified as Evernice is suspected to have been enticed by the size of the man’s privates before she lured him into a private room.

According to News24, Whilst in the room, she allegedly had sex with the victim. The incident occurred on Friday around 5pm in Chinhoyi area of Zimbabwe where Evernice had gone to perform along with her fellow dancers. She has been charged.

Mashonaland West provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Clemence Mabgweazara confirmed the arrest but said he is yet to be furnished with more details.

Dancers Association of Zimbabwe (DAZ), President Harpers Mapimhidze, confirmed the incident and blasted the dancer for tarnishing the name of the association.

“We condemn and don’t tolerate such behaviour by a dancer and we don’t expect this in the future. “She took advantage of the man’s condition to quench her appetite,” said Mapimhidze.

A close source to the incident said:

“It was on Friday last week around 5pm when the man was making some funny moves. “He was exposing his privates and he has a big private organ which Evernice got attracted to and she then got interested to get close to the victim.

“She then took him to a room where she slept with him.”

Added the source:

“After she finished having sex with him, he told people that he had had sex with the accused. “A counsellor was quickly called before police also came to the scene and took her to the cells.

“She was on stage, and she was advised to run away since she had committed an offence by sleeping with a person who is not well.

“She refused to run away saying that he was the one who had slept with her,” said the source.

My view: This is disgusting and so strange, I don't get her situation at all. Some evil people rape defenseless mentally unstable men/women for money rituals in some countries.

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