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Nigerian singer Daddy showkey outrage over a female food vendor whose cooked food was disposed on th

Nigerian Singer, Daddy Showkey has reacted to the viral photos of a female food vendor in Edo state whose cooked food was disposed on the floor by task force workers in the state.

Daddy Showkey in a video he posted online Friday morning, he slammed the action of Nigerian task-force workers for disposing the cooked food on the floor without compensating the woman. The singer went on to curse the task force workers that ''Ogun'' (a powerful spirit god of iron) will punish them.

But according to reports, food vendors have been warned to desist from hawking at the city centre.

Scroll down for video

My view: It is sad that Buhari's government is still refusing to implement Unemployment Benefit for people like this woman, who has just been made jobless by the wicked and heartless Edo state task force workers. If her cooked food does not meet Food Hygiene Guidelines, why can't the state government compensate her and then give her the guidelines to follow. But to be honest, the food looked like vomit though, maybe that's why they took action against her.

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