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Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani slams and Humiliates Nigerian superstar Tiwa Savage, Ycee as she calls

Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani brutally slammed Nigerian superstar Tiwa Savage and Ycee in her new cover dubbed ‘Fvck You’.

Victoria Kimani took the viral #FvckYouChallenge to a new low after she took a direct swipe at singers Tiwa Savage and Ycee. She blasted Tiwa Savage, calling her a grandma, who was turning 45 but was still pretending to be an African bad girl.

Victoria accuses rapper Ycee of stealing lyrics without giving credits.

She slams him for being disrespectful.

“Fvck you Ycee! cuz I ain´t trying to vex for nobody, took my juice, you took my sauce, you stealing lyrics, never giving credit. You disrespectful nigga you run my cheque. Next time you try it, I got my goons on deck, ” Vicky sings.

She also claims Tiwa blocked her from striking deals in the music industry.

She slams Tiwa of being a 'hoe and a 45-year-old grandma'

Taking to her Instagram page, Vicky said it’s “just music and fun” and no one should make it a big deal out of it.

Scroll down for the video

Victoria reacted to Tiwa's post, saying having material things will never make her envy Tiwa. She wrote;

“Having material things will never make me envy you …. Especially knowing what you had to do to get it gurlll ��� wrinkly married balls slapping on your chin #ImGoodLuvEnjoy ���� #GodGotme #YoSugarDaddyPoppinTho ��$ #TheyCelebrateEvil #CantBlockMyBlessingsTho #youAndYourYESMEN #FakeAccounts comment below � ( will delete this soon but just want you to know how I feel since were being honest now)”

See Tiwa's post below

Victoria Kimani, pictured left, and Tiwa Savage

Image source: Ghafla!

Image source: Capital FM

Tiwa Savage

Victoria Kimani (born in LA, originally from Kenya) started writing, recording and performing at 16. Victoria lived in Nigeria during her high school years and moved back to Nairobi, Kenya at age 17. Her first Single and music video since signing to Africa’s most prestigious and cross over record labels, Chocolate City was called “M’TOTO” and it is tearing up airwaves and clubs across Africa and the UK.

My view: Wow, what is Victoria Kimani's problem , calling Tiwa Savage "African grandma turning 45". If Tiwa is 45 and looks half her age, it's amazing, she's beautiful and talented. For crying out loud, so what, if she's allegedly selling her "p***y to rich sugar-daddies and you want to kill yourself because she flaunted her exotic car, well if you can't beat Tiwa join her maybe you'll get super rich Nigerian sugar Daddies that'll prop you up, if you're into stuff like that, as Kenya men are so stingy according to reports from Kenya. Also I don't think anyone can block your success, you're musically talented and pretty as well, so you shouldn't have problem showing off your Lamborghini on Instagram if you like showing off material things like some celebs. I don't think Victoria is jealous of Tiwa, she clearly doesn't like her.

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