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Drama between Nigerian police officer and a man who refused to bribe him

Their was a mild drama two days ago in Maiduguri Nigeria, between a police officer and a motorist who refused to settle him. The Police officer after seeing the man's papers were in order, he then decided to pull a string that got the social media buzzing. In the video, the officer was spotted on the bonnet of the man's car which he was driving, while he pleaded with the police officer to come down and allow him to go.

If one was made to name some of the major problems in Nigeria, bribery and corruption will undoubtedly be listed.

The Nigerian Police Force has come under heavy criticism in recent times for the apparent corruption among some of their officers.

According to reports, the incident happened in Maiduguri and the police officer had asked the motorist for some money after it was discovered that all his papers were in order.

Scroll down and watch the video

My view: Bribery and corruption is a social disease in Nigeria, it is sad, some people are just insanely greedy, no matter how much they earn monthly, they'll still ask for a bribe.

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