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Ja Rule Calls 50 Cent A "Bozo" For His Nipsey Hussle Tribute

Just when you thought that the beef between Ja Rule and 50 Cent was simmering down, the Murder Inc. rapper decided to gas things up once again. Over the last few days, hip hop celebritieshave been paying their respects, publicly on social media, to the late Nipsey Hussle. The impact of Nipsey's death has been felt throughout communities worldwide, but 50's delayed condolences rubbed a few fans the wrong way, especially because the two rappers collaborated in the past. He put people in their place and let them know that he'd speak on Nipsey's death when he was ready, and earlier today was that time.

Fiddy shared a photo of himself rocking a blue suit with the caption, "To: Nipsey’s Real friends and family I send my Sincere condolences. I’m sorry for your loss God bless." Never one to skip self-promotion, 50 also included a hashtag for his Le Chemin du Roi champagne, a tag that he pretty much includes on all of his Instagram photos.

TheShadeRoom shared 50's tribute on their Instagram page, and one of 50's familiar foes slid in their comment section to let the world know what he thought about the rapper's post. "What a BOZO..." Ja Rule wrote with a clown face emoji. These two have had a long-standing feud that, apparently, doesn't seem to be fizzling out. 50 Cent recently purchased the front four rows of Ja Rule's concert so his nemesis would perform to empty seats. Ja previously called 50 a "boot licking, ring kissing, c**n," and also once stated that fans chanting "f**k 50 Cent" at his concert was a "pleasant surprise."

See reaction:

One fan wrote: The real question is why does anyone have to rush to social media to post a tribute at all? What if he just got in touch the family? Why does sympathy have to be broadcast to the world?

Another said: "its not about that man. Its about letting the WORLD know what type of person this man was and what he stood for. Not to mention all these post are driving this mans streams up which directly help the family."

Ja Rule

Via The Shade Room

My view: I don't think 50 Cent and Ja Rule will ever make up. But I think it's quite insensitive for 50 Cent to plug a product while paying tribute to a young man who was violently killed. 50 Cent actually paid tribute to Nipsey on Twitter the very first day he was brutally murdered by that faceless animal.

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