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Conor McGregor slammed for 'Islamophobic' attack at Khabib Nurmagomedov's wife

Former UFC champion Conor McGregor has been slammed after his foul-mouthed tirade on Twitter in which he insulted rival Khabib Nurmagomedov's wife

In a flurry of tweets posted on his Twitter account on Wednesday afternoon, McGregor responded to recent comments from Nurmagomedov saying he didn't think Conor McGregor was done with the sport in the wake of his shock retirement last week.

The tweet posted by McGregor overnight read: "Your wife's a towel mate."

Two pictures of Nurmagomedov's wife were then shared of her wearing a traditional Islamic face veil, but later deleted after a backlash.

The tweets were branded racist and Islamophobic on social media, as Nurmagomedov is a muslim.

During the late night Twitter rant, McGregor's account also took aim at the Russian's brother, tweeting "I smacked your brother around and took a s*** in this hat."

See reaction below

McGregor labelled the Russian a "little scurrying rat" and told him not to be scared of a rematch of their controvercial UFC lightweight title fight, which Nurmagomedov won by fourth-round submission in Las Vegas October 2018.

My view: Conor McGregor is a man with no dignity or honor, how low can you go?, he is simply a sad man and a racist coward waging war of words on an innocent woman, what a shame.

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