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Dad raped daughter, 15, after mistaking her for his wife when he got home drunk

The man returned home ‘stinking of alcohol’ and got into his daughter’s bed then started raping her (Picture: Getty)

A father has been forgiven by his daughter for raping her when he mistook her for his wife.

The man, identified only as YCK to protect the girl, 15, came home ‘stinking of alcohol’ before getting into his daughter’s bed in Hong Kong last March.

She tried to fight him off but was unable to stop him at first, but eventually he realised he had made a mistake.

The girl has since said she holds no grudges against her dad about what happened but is angry at social services who went to police without her consent.

She blames her social worker for splitting up her family.

The father has now been jailed for two years after pleading guilty to rape to avoid putting his family through the ordeal of a rape trial.

Judge Amanda Woodcock said: ‘This is an unusual case with peculiar facts,’ according to The New Zealand Herald.

She acknowledged that he had admitted what he had done to prevent his daughter and wife from having to take the stand.

Via Metro

My view: This is completely inappropriate and disgusting.

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