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Plumber who was first on scene of London stabbing reveals agony of one of four 'random' vict

Crime scene: Plumber Roger Blackman (pictured right) helps police officers at the scene of the fourth London stabbing

A plumber who was first on the scene of one of the North London stabbings has described how he 'saw blood pouring out of the back' of one of the four victims, who shouted: 'Why has this happened to me?'

Roger Blackman rushed to help a man who was knifed on the street on Sunday morning in the fourth act of violence in a 14-hour rampage in Edmonton, London.

Police said a lone attacker had carried out the four attacks on Saturday and Sunday, apparently targeting 'random' victims who were 'alone and vulnerable' and leaving one of them, a 45-year-old woman, fighting for her life.

Detectives have made two arrests but the attacker, described as a tall, skinny black man wearing a hood, may still be at large.

Police promised 'enhanced and dedicated police activity around the clock' to keep the area safe but have warned the public to be vigilant.

Police have warned the public to be on their guard following the stabbings in Edmonton from Saturday night into Sunday morning. Pictured: Emergency services attend to the Brettenham Road stab victim

Police on the scene near Fore Street, Edmonton, London, near where a person was stabbed just a short distance from where a middle aged woman was knifed

Police are now hunting for the knifeman after four people were stabbed in random attacks during a 12-hour north London rampage

Mr Blackman, 46, was first on the scene to one of the stabbings and saw the attacker run off, leaving the victim with blood pouring from a wound.

Timeline of stabbings

7.02pm: A woman, aged 45, is left in a 'critical condition' after she is knifed in the back on Aberdeen Road.

Sunday March 31

12.15am: A man is stabbed in Park Avenue and rushed to hospital with non-life threatening wounds.

3.55am: A 23-year-old man is stabbed at Silver Street, Edmonton, before being found at Seven Sisters tube station.

9.43am: A man is knifed in the back on Brettenham Road in another 'bloodbath attack'.

Speaking to MailOnline last night, he said: 'I heard a scream, I looked to my right, I saw a guy run off, then another scream. I saw blood pouring out of the back of him, I went to my van to get some towels to stem the flow.

'I saw the guy turn around and run off, he was literally about 10-15 feet away from where I was. I was in the back of my van so I'm always aware of what's going on around me.

'The victim was screaming, oh my God, oh my God, why has this happened to me. There was blood pouring out of his gash. It was a great big gash, about a three-inch wound.

'I was visiting my mum for mother's day. You hear about it in the papers and now it's happened in front of your mother's house. It does make you wonder, it makes you think about going out.'

The first stabbing left a 45-year-old woman in 'critical condition' after she was knifed in the back on Aberdeen Road in Britain's capital, just after 7pm on Saturday evening.

Just hours later, a man was stabbed shortly after midnight in Park Avenue and was rushed to hospital with non-life threatening wounds.

A 23-year-old man was then stabbed at Silver Street, Edmonton, before being found at around 3.55am at Seven Sisters tube station and remains in a stable condition.

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My view: This is terrible, it is scary. I hope they arrest that animal soon.

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