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Charles is trying to sideline the Duke of York because his reputation as Airmiles Andy is 'damag

The 'rivalry' between the Prince of Wales and the Duke of York has been well-documented, but now a TV documentary claims Prince Charles is trying to airbrush his 'damaging' younger brother out of the future royal family.

The Channel 5 documentary, The Royal Family At War, airing on Saturday, delves into the complicated relationship between the two royals, and claims that Charles is concerned about 'ruining the Queen's legacy'.

It's no secret that Charles, 70, wants a 'slimmed down' monarchy when he eventually takes the throne, with only his immediate family funded by the taxpayer.

'Charles is worried that Andrew's behaviour at times is damaging the family firm,' says royal biographer Penny Junor.

'There probably has been occasions where Prince Charles has considered Andrew to be a bit of a liability to the royal family,' CNN royal commentator Victoria Arbiter adds.

'That image of Prince Andrew being the playboy at large rankles Prince Charles. He finds it embarrassing.

She goes on to suggest that in order to follow into his mother's footstep, Charles must avoid any more scandals, and keep the most problematic members of the royal family at bay.

'Charles does not want to be responsible for ruining the queen's legacy,' she says.

Dickie Arbiter, the Queen's former Press Secretary adds that Prince Charles will have been alarmed by previous newspaper reports about Andrew using the royal helicopter to go to play golf in Scotland, for instance.

'It would probably have grated on the Prince of Wales, because he is a firm believer that when you use public money you do the job and come home, there's no time for playing around,' Arbiter says.

'If you want to play around, you do that quite separately and you pay for it,' he added.

Expanding on Charles' plans to 'focus the public eye on the core royal family', the Queen's biographer Ingrid Seward, says that this means there's no place for Andrew and his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.

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My view: For crying out loud, we all know the people who are trying so hard to ruin the monarch, it's Meghan Markle, her family and her naive husband Prince Harry. Prince Andrew is a saint compared to Prince Charles and what he did to his late beautiful ex wife Princess Diana. If not for Camilla, Diana would still be alive today, all she wanted was love from her husband but instead she got Camilla Parker Bowles. Everyone is watching the way Meghan is determine to completely turn people against the royal family with her celeb style extravagant spending and her family scandals, for goodness sake who buys a £90,000 silk gown just to show off in Morocco. Even billionaire Bill Gate and his smart wife Melinda will never buy a £90,000 shirt or dress just to show off when they'd rather invest in women's health around the world. Prince Charles should be more worried about his son Harry, who has lost his passion for his charity work but more into being famous and a reality star with his celeb wife Meghan. Prince Charles should also be worried about the enormous stress his son Harry is under, as he is rapidly losing his hair since he got married to Meghan.

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