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Nigerian Female corps member shares ordeal of her student

A Nigerian corps member who is currently serving as a teacher has taken to social media to seek help for one of her students.

The corps member identified simply as Aduke noted that the student has problem with her sight.

The corps member revealed that she noticed that the particular student was always staying close to the chalkboard and struggling to see very well.

She stated that there are times when the young girl would even kneel in front of the board, as finds it difficult to see.

According to her, the student would sometimes take her book close to her face in other to see what is written.

Female corps member shares ordeal of her student on her Instagram account, Aduke had posted photos of the student while she was writing her exams.

The girl was carrying her book so close to her face.holding her exam script close to her face to be able to see what she needs to answer.

The corps member called on Nigerians to help out the student and get her an appointment with a doctor.

Read post below: "Hello Everybody So I Met This my friend in the School I'm Presently Obeying The Clarion Call.. With the times I had been in her class, I noticed and observed her a lot she's willing to learn but something keeps Obstructing her... *Which is her Sight* I see she struggles to see things well. Writing on the chalkboard, she comes to the front kneeling on the floor carrying her book so close to her face... So as you see in this picture, she's writing exam reading and writing taking the book so close to her face... In conclusion, I wish with some aid this cute young girl could get a medical appointment and get treatment for her sight...Thank you"

See pictures below

My view: It is just not right for a young girl to be going through difficulties during her exams, straining her eyes so she's able to read her exam paper, while president Buhari, working politicians and oil tycoons travel to London for treatment. It's just not fair. I don't know why Nigerian politicians steal billions for themselves and their families and forget about everyone else, especially women and children. Why do you need to have billions in your account while millions of your fellow citizens are suffering?, To all the Nigerian oil billionaires, it is because of greedy people like you and the ex presidents you front for, so many Nigerians, school children and University undergraduates are suffering. Nigeria belongs to its entire people and so do the resources within it.

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