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"Is Paul Enenche really a Christian? Is Dunamis a Church?" Nigerian media personality Dadd

Controversial media personality, Daddy Freeze, has reacted to the current crisis rocking Dunamis church located in Abuja Nigeria.

The Radio host shared a video on his Instagram account of traders protesting at Dunamis church premises, after the church allegedly burned their goods which was stored opposite the magnificent building.

Daddy Freeze captioned the video: "Guys, please let’s be honest, is this fair? Is this right?-Is Paul Enenche really a Christian? Is Dunamis a Church? #JustAsking

In the clip an unidentified lady who recorded the protesters is heard accusing the church of wickedness and of perpetuating evil towards petty traders who make a living off selling to the church members.

According to reports Dunamis is the largest church auditorium in the world, it officially opened its 100,000 seater capacity church building in Abuja.

It is no surprise that with such crowd attending the church every now and then especially on Sundays, it will become a business hub for petty traders who might have seen it as an opportunity to sell their goods and earn a decent living.

But according to reports Dunamis did not welcome the traders setting up stalls close to the church and reportedly, recently set ablaze several goods worth millions while the traders were in their homes. Upon finding their means of livelihood completely destroyed, the traders then decided to protest in front of the church, what they are describing as wickedness.

Scroll down and watch the video

Dunamis Ministry responded to the viral video and 'described it as 'a malicious propaganda.'

See the statement below.

My name is Pastor Victor Stephen, Head, Central Admin of Dunamis Int’l Gospel Centre.

Our attention has been drawn to a video clip circulating the cyber space concerning Traders’ properties being burnt down by Dunamis Church at the New Headquarters.

We wish to state, though with dismay, that the Church, Dunamis was not responsible for that kind of act and can never be. Dunamis is geared towards the restoration of human lives and destinies and can never be associated with such heinous acts to indigent persons.

It is also worthy of note that some Traders selling outside the Church Premises were empowered by the Church as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility to setup their own businesses. It would therefore be mischievous for anyone to assume that Dunamis would authorize such an act.

Please disregard this malicious propaganda, Dunamis is not responsible.

Thank you and God bless you.

My view: I don't believe that pastor Paul Enenche has anything to do with the wicked act. Maybe some bad people seized the opportunity stole the goods and burned down the stalls. Some people are so desperate that they'll do anything whenever there's an opportunity for them to do so, But the pastor should help those affected after all he's a billionaire and majority of the traders are his church members.

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