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Princess Eugenie celebrates her 29th birthday as she reveals why it was so important for Jack to att

Princess Eugenie has revealed why it was important for her to bring her husband Jack Brooksbank along with her on her latest engagement at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital on Thursday.

Eugenie was also joined by her father Prince Andrew, as she was named patron of the RNOH charity during her visit to open the new Stanmore building, almost 17 years after she underwent surgery there.

Speaking during her visit, Princess Eugenie said: "It is such an honour to be here today, I feel like my bones and my blood are a part of this building. I learnt on this visit today that we all share in something with this building because we care, and so to us it is very important that we are here opening this new building and that Jack, as my newly married husband on his first event has been able to come and see where I had my operation."

The Princess added: "It is such a huge honour and thank you to everyone who has been a part of this because the Stanmore is such a brilliant building and it represents RNOH’s ethos. Today I’m delighted to say that I’m now Patron of the RNOH charity."

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Princess Eugenie celebrated her 29th birthday on Saturday and her father Prince Andrew marked the occasion with adorable collage of photographs he shared on Twitter.

My view: Genuine couple, we'd love to see more of Princess Eugenie and her husband Jack on royal duty not just first lady Meg, that is trying to eclipse other royals who do their charity work without their PR inviting 60-70 cameramen. Jack and Eugenie are both lovely, Jack looked confident following protocol behind his wife and being total high class, no self promotion and feel the need to be the centre of attention with PDAs and clinging. There's nothing wrong with PDAs and clinging but when they're over the top, it then turned into attention seeking just for the camera.

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