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Nigerian actress Daniella Okeke shows off her jaw-dropping butt as she says she has "a big fat

The Nollywood actress shared a flurry of pictures on her Instagram account and captioned one of her photos, "All i See is a Strong Black Intelligent Woman 👑 With a Big Fat Natural Ass...Wat do you see?"

In February Daniella posted a photo saying: “ I need a new citizenship am really tired of nigeria pls who will marry me? Red or blue passport or any other color but definitely not green.. am upset.. #daniellaokeke

She recently took to her Instagram page and revealed that she was in search of a marriage partner and also lamented her Nigerian citizenship, Daniella Okeke said that she was tired of her country and also posed a question and asked who was going to marry her.

Okeke added that she was only interested in any male that has a red, blue or any other passport but definitely nothing near a green Nigerian passport.

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Daniella Okeke says she has "a big fat natural ass"

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