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Locals in Adam Johnson’s home town say ‘he’s done his time’ and ‘people have always liked him’ as he


Locals in paedo footballer Adam Johnson's home town have said the ex-Sunderland star has "done his time" after he was released from prison.

Johnson, 31, was freed from HMP Moorlands prison near Doncaster, South Yorks, in the early hours of this morning.

He was driven by dad Dave from HMP Moorlands in Doncaster following his release

His dad Dave drove him back to his £2m mansion in Castle Eden, Co Durham, where the blacked-out van arrived at around 2am.

His sister Faye is understood to have been staying at the property during his time behind bars and his family still live in the area.

The former England international grew up around five miles away in Easington and played for local club Sunderland 141 times, before his was jailed for child grooming and sexual activity with a child in 2016.

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But locals in the village said they're happy to welcome him home after three years behind bars.

Nicole Robinson, manager of Italian restaurant Maximos, told the Newcastle Chronicle: "He has done his time, we would have him back. We've known him and his family for years, and he would come in with his dad and they were always fine."

Another village resident added: "People have always liked him and especially his family. I think a lot of people were upset by what happened but there is a thing called forgiveness and second chances."

But despite his release, Johnson faces being shunned by English clubs as he seeks to return to professional football.

Every League One and League Two side within commuting distance of his Co Durham home have reportedly confirmed they will not go near the shamed winger.

The former Sunderland star, who groomed, kissed and touched a 15-year-old girl, may not ever play in England again, according to one club chief exec who spoke to the Daily Mail.

It reports that he may not even have a future as far abroad as China - who have previously snapped up former Premier League stars for eye-watering sums - because of strict visa requirements.

Hebei China Fortune, managed by former Wales boss Chris Coleman, has also reportedly ruled out signing Johnson.

I’ve got more chance abroad, you can’t get a second chance in England.

Adam Johnson Speaking Behind Bars

Leaked prison footage obtained by The Sun of the ex-Manchester City star showed how he was considering a move abroad.

He told his fellow lags: “I’ve got more chance abroad, you can’t get a second chance in England.”

But similar restrictions on players with criminal records will also hamper his chances in the US, Australia and the Middle East.

The claims come as The Sun reveals Johnson will be banned from being alone with his daughter after his prison release.

A social worker will monitor the ex-England player while he is with Ayla, four.

Johnson was jailed for six years at Bradford crown court in May 2016.

It heard he deleted 800 messages between him and his victim - who he is also banned from contacting.

Judge Jonathan Rose said he had caused the girl “severe psychological harm”.

Johnson's sister Faye has been living at the property since he was jailed

She was seen shopping for a welcome home party yesterday

Via The Sun

My view: I think he should be given a second chance to play again in the Premier League, he's done his time in jail.

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