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Central China bus blaze kills at least 26, injures 28

The damaged coach in Changde. Photo: Xinhua

At least 26 people are dead and 28 injured after a tourist coach suddenly caught fire in Hunan province on Friday night. Five people were seriously injured.

There were 53 passengers, two drivers and a tour guide on the bus when the fire broke out, Xinhua reported. There was no mention of arson.

Xinhua said the accident happened around 7:15pm on Friday evening and the bus was travelling from neighbouring Henan province.

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It said the two drivers were detained and an investigation was under way.

There have been many cases in China of buses catching fire due to engine problems.


My view: China’s roads are among the top ten deadliest in the world, so why isn’t the administration taking any meaningful action? 200’000 people die every year in China as a result of road accidents.

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