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12-Year-Old Girl Raped & Beheaded By Her 3 Brothers & Uncle In Madhya Pradesh

Two brothers have been arrested for allegedly gang-raping their own sister, 12, before beheading her in a case so shocking that no lawyers are willing to defend them.

The parents of the decapitated girl told a newspaper in India they are concerned they’ll “face a social boycott” in the village as a result of the heinous murder.

The horrific case is the latest in a string of violent rapes and murders of young girls in India

She went missing on March 13 from her home, and her headless body was found the next day in a field outside their village in Sagar District, Madhya Pradesh state in central India.

Police allege that the girl’s three brothers and her uncle gang-raped and then beheaded their victim with a sickle before dumping her remains, according to the New Indian Express.

Cops told the paper that she had not attended school on March 13 as she was allegedly abducted by her eldest brother, 22, who sexually assaulted her, followed by his two younger siblings, aged 17 and 19.

Her uncle, believed to be about 40 years old, then also allegedly raped her.

The New Indian Express said the autopsy report revealed that one of the accused rapists “also did an unnatural sexual act with her”.

It added that after being gang-raped, the 12-year-old was beheaded as she had threatened to report the horrific assault to the police.

Cops told the paper that their investigations showed the villager had been raped previously, but had been warned she'd be killed if she complained in public.

I have not seen such a crime in my life. Even lawyers have said they don’t want to represent the accused in this case.

Sagar district police superintendent Amit Sanghi said that three of the four accused - the murdered girl's uncle and two of her brothers - are in custody, while raids are being carried out to locate the "prime accused, her eldest brother".

Sanghi added: "We'll also make the girl's aunt accused in the case, as she [allegedly] helped the other accused in the crime."

The Express explained that her aunt is believed to have helped her husband and three nephews in making up a story to deflect attention from them in the wake of the girl's death, by falsely implicating another family in the same village.

According to the Mail Online, Sanghi said: "I have not seen such a crime in my life. Even lawyers have said they don't want to represent the accused in this case."

The Hindustan Times reports that the murdered girl's parents fear a backlash from fellow villagers.

Her father said: "This has brought a bad name to my family and village. I work as a labourer - who will give me a job?

"My two younger sons used to tend some goats of the other villagers. I will have to return them, as they are in jail."

Via The Sun

My view: This is sickening, unspeakable tragedy, what is wrong with human beings?. How can they keep women and children safe if the evil resides in their own homes?. Something is wrong somewhere, I think the Indian government and other countries with high rape crime should look into some dietary spices that may have side effects on some men and makes them have very high sex-drive. Honestly I don't get why three blood brothers raped their own sister and their uncle also joined them in the evil act, this is abnormal. If they don't investigate the root of the problem, then there's no type of punishment that can stop the daily rape of women and children. This is so sad.

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