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Jilted boyfriend Beats Up Girlfriend For Dumping Him After He Paid £42 (N20,000) for her tuition fee

A video believed to have been shot at Michael Okpara University, in Nigeria and which involves a scorned boyfriend who got dumped by his girlfriend after claiming to have paid her school fees has left many in shock.

The female student of Michael Okpara University of Agriculture, Umudike was beaten for dumping her boyfriend

The young woman identified as Jane was accused by the boyfriend of dumping him after he had paid her £42 (N20,000) school fees.

The angry boyfriend who couldn't take the insult decided to humiliate the girl by beating her in public as he demanded for his money.

A large crowd gathered as the woman was being physically assaulted with many students trying to stop him from hurting her, while others tried to stop the helpless girl from escaping the scene.

It was reported that, the boyfriend stormed the school on Friday afternoon to collect his money in full since they are no more dating.

Scroll down for video


Jane's ex boyfriend, pictured, as he confronted her in the classroom

My view: Jane is another victim of the corrupt political elites in Nigeria, just like little Success Adegor. Imagine a young adult and a University undergraduate being brutally attacked after dumping her boyfriend and he's now demanding his £42 (N20k) he gave her as a gift to pay her tuition fees. No student male or female should go through this humiliation because their parents can't afford to pay their school fees, it is sad that Nigerian undergraduates do not have access to student loan to help them through university, because subsequent Nigerian government refused to fund the Students loan Board, while working politicians loot the resources that belongs to all Nigerians. This girl's parents should take legal action against the useless government of Abia state and the University, for lack of security, because the University and the state government are obligated to provide a safe environment for students to learn. Nigerian students should demand for their share of the oil money, Students loan for all undergraduates. Successive governments have siphoned billions of dollars, while millions of their fellow countrymen/women are still suffering. Good that she dumped that monster.

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