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Nigerian woman flogs lady who slept with her husband

A video currently making rounds on social media shows the moment a Nigerian woman caught another lady sleeping with her husband.

In the footage, the said lady was mercilessly flogged by the wife for not just cheating with her husband, but for tying her expensive wrapper on her body, as the woman can be heard begging for forgiveness.

The enraged wife who was heard ranting in her native language (Igbo Language), asked the woman what gave her the guts to tie her wrapper and still cheat with her husband, before she started dealing with her mercilessly.

Meanwhile the woman's neighbours can he heard pleading with her to stop flogging the shamed mistress, but to no avail.

Scroll down for video

My view: Wow, the mistress did not only slept with the angry woman's husband but was tying her wrapper on her body, that's a terrible mistake. Meanwhile her husband ran away and left his mistress to her faith, as she was mercilessly flogged by his enraged wife. Well it wouldn't stop the man going back for more, why bother. She should asked the woman to take the wrapper off and let her go home naked. I blame the man for disrespecting his wife by having sex with his mistress in their matrimonial home, well it's normal with some men, they just don't care. Why waste your energy fighting over community penis?Say no to Community Penis! It is so dangerous for so many reasons. If your husband/boyfriend is cheating on you, if you're planning to have kids or still want to be with him make sure you go with him for medical check up before you have sex.

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