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White student denies being racist after getting ‘super-tan’ and braids

A 22-year-old girl from Belfast who claims she can’t live without sunbeds and illegal tanning injections is now so tanned that people think she’s black.

Hannah Tittensor says she even receives hatemail on Instagram from people accusing her of blackface, cultural appropriation and of being a racist.

On the daily tanning injections she gets alongside her boyfriend (also a tanning addict):

The only side effect is the first few days of taking it you feel sick and it sorta suppresses your appetite.

Some people would say that that’s a good thing.

On the haters:

People say I was trying to be a black woman and try and switch races and stuff just because I’m tanning.

I don’t care. These people don’t actually know me.

Here she explains how her fake tan addiction developed into a full-blown tanning bed/illegal tan injecting obsession:

So Hannah here is pretty much the most tanned person on the planet, but as far as trying to be black or trying to ‘switch race’? I thought that was a bit of a harsh comment, until I saw this pic…

Obviously there’s nothing wrong with that and people can wear their hair (and tan) as they see fit, but you’re always going to attract those sort of comments on the internet if you not only tan yourself to a crisp but also braid your hair like that. Unless it was a troll move on her part, in which case, fair play.

Now if only someone had told Rachel Donezal about tanning injections, people might have actually believed she was black too.

Via Sick Chirpse

My view: How is she racist if she wants to be black? she looks beautiful either way. Some people are hypocrites. In a world where extensions, weaves, wigs, clip ins, you name it, have become the norm amongst women of color, you may ask yourself, why can’t these women just grow their own, long hair?, how come they're are not called racist.

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