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Nigerians react to MC Galaxy and Nollywood actress Etinosa video scandal

Nigerians have been buzzing with mixed reactions on social media following the scandalous video footage between MC Galaxy and actress Etinosa Idemudia - The video which showed the actress stripping completely naked on the singer's Instagram live did not go well with a lot of people.

Many Nigerians have taken to social media to express their opinion on the scandalous video.

According to reports MC Galaxy was accused of starting a 'naked challenge' in which his female fans stripped naked on his Instagram live video for the sum of £104.51 (N50k).

Nollywood actress, Etinosa Idemudia then shocked many people when she jumped on the racy bandwagon and went naked on his Instagram live video.

Some celebrities reacted to the tasteless video, blasting Mc Galaxy, while some people are of the opinion that both MC Galaxy and Etinosa should be blamed for the raunchy video.

Scroll down and watch the video

See reaction below

My view: I wonder how much she was paid to do this. It's painful to watch someone having a psychological break down on live video, even though it was planned. I think Etinosa has mental health issues, she needs to see a psychiatrist. I don't believe she was drunk. But please shave your private part, if you're showing it to the world, I hope you won't repeat that again, as you need help. Please Etinosa you seriously need to see a psychiatrist, you need help and please people should stop slamming her, I wanted to slam her too, but after watching the video, I couldn't do it, because I saw a woman crying out for help. A normal actress won't show their v****a just like that, it is sad to watch. Honestly I blame MC Galaxy for not cutting the video. He should have known better. Thank goodness that's her way of crying for help and didn't do anything to harm herself. On Saturday morning British reality star mike thalassitis committed suicide, he was found hanged in a park in north London. It was reported that he was in a dark place, had huge debts after overextending himself with a party lifestyle, he was mourning the loss of his grandmother aged 94 and he was also said to be broken hearted after his split from his girlfriend Megan McKennahe. So please anyone that is going through a difficult time and if you're in a very dark place seek help, talk to someone instead of killing yourself.

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