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Nigerian celebs react to video of young school girl who was sent home for non-payment of fees

In most Nigerian schools, fee defaulters are usually sent home after being flogged and many would wonder the effectiveness of this form of punishment.

A young school girl in Warri, Delta state, Success, has gained the attention of Nigerians after she was spotted being outspoken about the perceived injustice.

The little girl had been sent home from school for not paying her school fees and she complained at the punishment.

Success even revealed that she would rather be flogged rather than be sent home.

Since the video went viral on Instagram, a number of Nigerians have reacted in various ways.

Many people found the girl’s action funny while others were saddened that she would be denied an education over her parent’s inability to pay her fees.

See reaction below

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My view: It is sad that this young girl was sent home from school after being flogged, because she couldn't pay her school fees, while Nigerian Senators earn over $72k (N40million) a-month. There are millions of children like her facing the same predicament in Nigeria. I don't get the reason why they flog children who can't afford to pay their fees?, that's troubling and it's not even funny, it's heartbreaking.

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